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Autor Hounsome, Terry
Sonstige Mitwirkende
Titel Enlarged, Revised,Expanded : 3rd Edition
Sprache Unbekannt
Originaltitel New Rock record
Originalsprache Englisch
Erstveröffentlichung Unbekannt
Band (Reihe) -
Verlagsreihe Blandford Press; 71371605
Typ Buch
Verlag Blandford Press
Genre Biographische Literatur: Dokumentation
Jahr 1987
Seitenanzahl 742
ISBN 0713716053
EAN 9780713716054
Ausgabe Taschenbuch
Auflage Unbekannt
Inhalt/Klappentext New Rock Record Is The Most Comprehensive Rock Album Reference book ever published, and this new edition is 25% bigger and even betterthan before. Over 45.600 albums are listed by over 7.600 Bands, and the content, is up to date to within a few weeks of the book going to press. You can cross Reference rhe facts and trace a musician's career by consulting the amazing 85.000 entry musician index. Don't take our word for it - look what the music press have said.

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