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Autor Sundquist, Josh
Sonstige Mitwirkende
Titel We Should Hang Out Sometime : Embarrassingly, a True Story
Sprache Englisch (Amerikanisch)
Originaltitel We Should Hang Out Sometime
Originalsprache Englisch (Amerikanisch)
Erstveröffentlichung 2014
Band (Reihe) -
Verlagsreihe Little, Brown Books for Young Readers; 31625101
Typ Buch
Verlag Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
Genre Biographische Literatur: Autobiographischer Roman
Jahr 2014
Seitenanzahl 300
ISBN 0316251011
EAN 9780316251013
Ausgabe eBook
Auflage Erstauflage
Inhalt/Klappentext When I was twenty-five years old, it came to my attention that I had never had a girlfriend. At the time, I was actually under the impression that I was in a relationship, so this bit of news came as something of a shock.

Why was Josh still single? To find out, he tracked down each of the girls he had tried to date since middle school and asked them straight up: What went wrong?

The results of Josh's semiscientific investigation are in your hands. From a disastrous Putt-Putt date involving a backward prosthetic foot, to his introduction to CFD (Close Fast Dancing), and a misguided "grand gesture" at a Miss America pageant, this story is about looking for love--or at least a girlfriend--in all the wrong places.

Poignant, relatable, and totally hilarious, this memoir is for anyone who has ever wondered, "Is there something wrong with me?"

(Spoiler Alert: the answer is no.)

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